Reiki Training

Reiki is an ancient holistic universal energy therapy using hands on treatment or hands hovering just above the body in combination with symbols to induce healing while lowering the stress response. Scientific studies have shown that it lowers burnout in nurses, improves heart homeostasis, improves mental functioning,  and lowers pain levels.
  • Level 1: $300
  • The Physical Level – heals and transforms the physical body by awakening, creating equilibrium, and beginning to evaluate potential and possibilities
  • Covers: Back ground of Reiki, Self-treatment, four elements, hand positions, hand washing, and tools for healing crisis
  • Level 2: $500
  • The Mental Level – heals and transforms the emotional body by awakening, creating equilibrium, and beginning to understand self capacity to make decisions in life
  • Covers: Treatment of family, friends, pets, animals, plants and objects. Three symbols, asking permission, body scans, hand positions, hand washing, organs, and tools for healing crisis
  • Level 3: $750
  • The Practitioner’s Level – heals and transforms the mental body, the subconscious mind and cellular memory
  • Covers: Two symbols,  bodily systems, how to offer healing to clients, how to do distance healing, and review of first two levels
  • Volunteer hours required for certification
  • Master Level 4: $1000
  • The Master Level – Addresses all levels of the body and promotes transcendence. This is the highest level, with the most potent energy and symbols. At this level you are a Reiki Master and may teach.

All levels of training may require the additional cost of books and materials.

For Corporate, School or Studio Events

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True self-healing takes dedication and practice. At Six Seasons Healing you are encouraged to make a commitment to yourself and the creation of healthy opportunities in all aspects of your life. I am here to support you  in your commitment.