Meditation: Entering The Viper’s Pit

Meditation is much like entering a room full of people who don’t want you there or a viper’s pit. The moment you sit to clear your mind it’s like your under full attack with odd looks and relentless thoughts that don’t stop. Just as you would try to meet a room full of people who don’t want you there with compassion (I recommend compassion for a viper; however, I do not advise under any circumstances that you stay in the presence of a viper, nor do I recommend entering a viper’s pit), it is also helpful to meet your thoughts with compassion when you sit for meditation.  Negative thoughts are much like a viper’s attack; once the negative thought process has started it continues to poison the mind. Meeting your thoughts with compassion allows you to soften and open to what is.

Roll your shoulders back and down

Close your eyes

Take a few easy breaths into the belly

Now try to clear your mind

How many thoughts do you have running toward you screaming like a hungry baby?

Do some of the thoughts sting or make you feel uncomfortable?

Now take a few more easy breaths

Say hello to your thoughts

Is it possible to approach your thoughts with kindness giving the thought your full attention as a witness?

Notice how it makes you feel in your body and mind

This is just a fleeting moment

Changing the perception of the mind is helpful here

Try chanting for a few breaths:

I Am Love, I Am Loved, I Am Loving

Take a few more easy breaths and rest in this space you have just made

How did it change your thoughts?


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