Coming Into Your New Life: Japa Meditation

We have moments that we swear define us in life. Some of these moments are accidents, break ups, or losses, while other moments are births, becoming moms or fathers, or stepping into your path of service. We are human and define these as good vs. bad moments, but these are all just moments. In each of these you will find what is considered good or bad. The pain from surgery may be too much, you have lost your job, or your relationship ending is offset by becoming a mother, finding a new job, or getting back in touch with yourself. Between each moment, thought, and breath there is a space, rest here with your mind, body, and spirit.

Take a few easy breaths

Inhale pause, exhale pause

Bringing your awareness to the pause

Now try to bring your awareness to the pause between words, thoughts and moments today

As you do this breathe into the belly and up through all side of your chest, allow your shoulders to relax down your back

Your breath will naturally take you to the pauses between each word, thought or moment

You are Beautiful, You are Love, You are Light


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