Bringing Compassion To Emotions

It is not the emotion itself that we find unsettling. To bring compassion to your emotions you must first recognize how we feel in a particular situation and then observe (from a witness point of view) how we feel about the feeling involved in this particular situation. In other words, we witness the feeling about how we feel. It is our feeling about the emotion that may cause our suffering. By meeting this observation with compassion, listening to the demand of the emotion like a mother listening to her sick child and breathing through the places where you feel stuck, you are able to move through the attachment.

Bring your attention to your situation and your emotion

Roll your shoulders back and down

Breath easily into the tummy

Inhale the head toward the ceiling

Exhale and ground your feet into the floor

Notice the tightness and where this appears in the body when you feel the emotion

Now feel the feeling you feel about the emotion

Where do you feel this? What does your body do?

Step back from here and witness how you feel about the feeling

What do you notice about your body, your breath, your mind chatter?

Does it quiet down?


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