Believing In Yourself:Part 5

When life ties you down to the bumper of a car and sends you racing in the Indy 500 you’ll have to go along for the ride. How do you ground yourself when your speeding through life and you can’t seem to catch a break? You remain present for the ride. Bring your awareness to this moment…. remember… this moment. If you find yourself in the past or planning what to do next in the future, you are not present. Although the present moment is not what we want or expected (sometimes something like a slap in the face), there are simple steps to ground yourself. Grounding happens from the practice of mindfulness. It is the continuous practice through kids yelling at you, spouses or partners not understanding you, friends not being available, your wavering health or your own self doubts that brings you to a place of grounding. Practice when you are sad, happy, angry, afraid, tired, and down right exhausted. Create a moment for just you

Now take a few easy breaths

Roll your shoulders back and down

Inhale into the belly and up through all sides of the chest

Notice the pauses between your inhale and the exhale

This is your place of rest, this is where you come back to yourself no matter how fast life is going

Inhale reaching the head toward the sky, exhale rooting the feet into the ground

Let your mind soften with the pauses

Continue this breath for 6 rounds or more if it is comfortable


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