Believing In Yourself: Part 3

What more could you possibly do after recognizing yourself, listening to yourself and attending to your grief? After you have gone through these steps it is important to evaluate the amount of love you have for yourself. Does it make sense that believing in yourself may take love for yourself?

Take a moment to think about what you love about yourself: your eyes, hips, brain, sense of humor or maybe your ability to listen. This is not what others love about you; this is what you love about yourself. Take a moment to write a couple sentences about it.

Now take a few easy breaths

Roll your shoulders back and down

Inhale into the belly and up through all sides of the chest

Exhaling Haaawww…..

Continue this breath for 6 rounds

Now… write down what it feels like to touch love in yourself

Is there a grounding or expansion in your body, mind or spirit?

Sit with this a moment breathing into the belly


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