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Cancer Yoga Tip for Today: Laughter

Supposedly our bodies don’t know the difference between real laughter and fake laughter. Have you ever fake laughed with a friend… you end up in real laughter. Research says laughter improves blood circulation, increases oxygen levels and boosts the immune system. So fake it til you make it with someone today. A single hahaha can […]

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Cancer Yoga Tip for Today: Believing

You have to plant a seed in your own heart that you are worth time, love and people. No one else can do this for you. Others may inspire you or show you a way, but it is not until you believe above all sense of a doubt that you have a sense of worth […]

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Cancer Yoga Tip for Today: The Quiet

Cancer Yoga Tip for Today: What do you do with the quiet when you find it? How do you find it? Sit comfortably bringing your awareness to your breath. Inhale pause Exhale pause… continue with this until you start to find the quiet space in the pause. Remember to exhale and let go… so you […]

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Cancer Yoga Tip for Today: Scenario

Cancer Yoga Tip for Today: What is the worst case scenario?  Change the frame of your question…. What is the best case scenario? How does that change how you feel inside your body? How does it change your thoughts? How does it change the expression on your face?

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Constant Companion

Cancer Yoga Tip for Today: Great change with a smile today… it is one of your constant companions…. the other constant companion is your breath… to help you through the change.

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Be a child

Cancer Yoga Tip for Today: Move your living room furniture to the sides (or have someone do this for you). Now take a look at that space … what would you have done with this space as a child… follow your heart… dance… sing like your on stage…. paint… or even roll around on the […]

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Pure Being

Find a comfortable place to sit that makes you feel yummy inside… like a cat curled in the sun. Close your eye and imagine the letters P U R E B E I N G as you do this bring your awareness to the spaces between the letters and breathe.

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Balancing Vata

The Vata dosha is the element of space and air. In our western society we are driven by this element with little rest. We are running from one place to another, starting and stopping projects, multitasking and prone to worry because we can not finish all the things we start. Vata is predominate through the […]

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