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Bringing Compassion To Emotions

It is not the emotion itself that we find unsettling. To bring compassion to your emotions you must first recognize how we feel in a particular situation and then observe (from a witness point of view) how we feel about the feeling involved in this particular situation. In other words, we witness the feeling about […]

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Coming Into Your New Life: Japa Meditation

We have moments that we swear define us in life. Some of these moments are accidents, break ups, or losses, while other moments are births, becoming moms or fathers, or stepping into your path of service. We are human and define these as good vs. bad moments, but these are all just moments. In each […]

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Believing In Yourself:Part 5

When life ties you down to the bumper of a car and sends you racing in the Indy 500 you’ll have to go along for the ride. How do you ground yourself when your speeding through life and you can’t seem to catch a break? You remain present for the ride. Bring your awareness to […]

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Believing In Yourself: Part 4

Believing in yourself requires the ability to ground yourself and to recognize when you need to ground yourself. When was the last time you didn’t know if you were coming or going? When was the last time you drove home without remembering how you got there? When was the last time you felt disconnected from […]

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Believing In Yourself: Part 3

What more could you possibly do after recognizing yourself, listening to yourself and attending to your grief? After you have gone through these steps it is important to evaluate the amount of love you have for yourself. Does it make sense that believing in yourself may take love for yourself? Take a moment to think […]

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Believing In Yourself: Part 2

Believing in yourself requires time to listen to your body, your mind, and your spirit. I know …you are already thinking you don’t have time, possibly thinking that you spend enough time on self-care, or maybe you are battling with your worth. Unexpressed grief can clog up our energy channels. Grief may be the loss […]

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Believing In Yourself: Part 1

Believing in yourself is easy on some days and harder on others. What does it mean to you to believe in your self? Take a few moments to write this down. Roll your shoulders back and down Inhale into the belly and up through all sides of the chest Exhaling Haaawww….. Continue this breath for […]

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Being Present For What Is

Being present for what is going on at all moments takes some effort. We often brush our teeth, drive home, or even converse with someone without fully being present. What does it feel like to be present? It is the feeling of being engaged in a conversation, remembering all the corners you came around to […]

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Breathing Into It

Breathe into it. It being: the bad day your had, the cancer diagnosis, the tiredness that just doesn’t seem to stop, the fight with your partner, the way you made your child cry, the feeling of being helpless, the anticipation of being a new mom, the doubts you caring with you like you pinned a […]

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Meditation: Entering The Viper’s Pit

Meditation is much like entering a room full of people who don’t want you there or a viper’s pit. The moment you sit to clear your mind it’s like your under full attack with odd looks and relentless thoughts that don’t stop. Just as you would try to meet a room full of people who […]

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